Friday, December 21, 2012

EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007

Ladies and Gentle Men! Here comes the #1 Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2012 till date: The EA Sports Cricket 2012 Official Patch by A Unit Studios. Who doesn't know it? After all, it's a freebie of 4 months of work!

Hey there, there’s recently a new patch released by A UNIT STUDIOS!. It’s the EA Sports Cricket 2012 patch for 2007. It was the FIRST and the most SUCCESSFUL EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch. Well anyways, I still have the Patch, so I'd like to share with you all. It is really amazing with tons of features… here are the list of features it includes:


  • Biggest patch ever with 3000+ files!
  • LATEST kits and clothes for ALL the teams (includes Big Bash League + Indian Premier League 2012!)
  • All team logos added (HD)
  • All stadiums modified (India has Mumbai and Chennai, Pakistan has Abu Dhabi and misc. – Chittagong!)
  • All new roster with International,Australian Domestic,English County,IPL,BPL… etc!
  • All HD Pitchads, menu overlays (different at each stadium!) , All stumps, All outfields modified!
  • All new faces added!
  • Boundary music + updated text!
  • 256 HD BATS For the players who own the bat! A Great timepass with good shots modified using  OMGAyush Cric12  

How To Install EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch?

1. Download All The Files Given In The Description!
2. Unpack A'UnitCricket12'.exe at desktop.
3. You will have a folder named "'a' Unit Cricket'12'" .
4. Open It [precisely 2335 files inside!]
5. Copy All Files[except data folder]
6. Go To The EA Sports Root Directory - Where You Installed Your Game.. 
    [by default root: c:\program files\ea sports\ea sports(tm)cricket07
7. Paste All The Copied Files In The Root Directory.
8. Now open the A Unit Cricket 12 Folder Again. Go to the data folder and copy eaep.vp6 . Now go to the root folder and paste it there in /data .
9. Now, Unpack ZAX Willow Unpacker.exe and save it to the desktop.
10. There will be four files. The important one is ZW256BP.exe .
11. Now for location, choose EA Sports Cricket 2007 Root Directory. ~I have already installed it~
12. Now, Another important part: Roster : IT IS REQUIRED. Download it from the description.
13. Go to my documents and from there, Go to EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07 Folder.
14. Copy the Cricket.ros folder to EA SPORTS(TM) CRICKET07 FOLDER IN MY DOCUMENTS.
15. You're Almost Done! Last thing left is OMGAYUSH CRIC12.exe :) Just Download It From Description.
16. Extract OMGAyushCric12 to desktop and play the game with it :-) 

Hopefully, now you’ll get how to install. But.. before installation, if you just want to see the gameplay (which will actually want your heart to get the game MORE anxiously!) … here’s it:


  ✔  EA Sports Cricket 2007
  ✔  ZAX-256 Bat Pack
  ✔  Obviously, the patch
  ✔  Cricket.ros roster file
  ✔  Abbh’s modified cricket 07.exe
  ✔  Boundary Music Patch (optional)



First Need Download Fresh Ea Cricket 2007 DOWNLOAD HERE

Click Here To Download Cricket 2012 Patch

Download each and every file from above, otherwise the game won't work & You'll get async errors. (You may or may not download the Boundary Music Patch - only that is optional)

Tips To Avoid Async Errors:

  • Make sure you load the roster by going to My Cricket > Load/Save > Load > Roster > Cricket.ros.
  • Also make sure to install ZAX-256 BatPack to your root directory!
  • Make sure to run the game with OMGAyush Cric12 after installing, otherwise the game will show errors!

This patch has created a history in EA Sports Cricket07 modding! It has crossed over 1,000,000 downloads. All thanks to you! 




  1. this game works but not exiting by pressing exit button it hang up..........please solve this....

  2. it is maybe a bug